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� Joan Kelley
[ Kelley Closeouts ]
I learned after I committed to the program that the tech support was not in the U.S. I knew then that all of my interactions would be by email. My first couple of questions took a day or two to answer. Then I begin communicating with Sui Sim, Goh. She has been extremely responsive. Other than our work times are opposite the support has been good. Also, the program is easy to use and has so many customization options that it really makes it unique. - Joan Kelley
� Rich Brazeau
[ Sierra Creek ]
I found InstanteStore through extensive web searching. I have been using another web store provider for the past 2 years and have outgrown them and found InstanteStore to have all the features that I require to grow. I took about 1 month to get my store up and running as I required some customization work and tweaking done for my store to run efficiently. I must applaud the customer service and tech support guys. They have been great! Keep up the good work guys! – Rich Brazeau
� Bachar Sarah
[ Best Scones ]
By far, InstanteStore is the best solution I have seen around. I compared features/price and found the InstanteStore had the best features at a reasonable price. Tech support was the fastest and most knowledgeable I have experienced. What took many emails and calls with another company, took one email and one reply. That's the way it should be! Thank you for creating such a wonderful service and keeping the price very reasonable. – Bachar Sarah
� Regina
[ Liposuction Alternative ]
I found InstanteStore while I was searching for an e-commerce solution on Google. I must say that I am very pleased to have found it. I was so impressed with the features and the user-friendliness of the store that I signed up almost immediately! It just took me a couple of hours to get my store up and running. Also, 2 thumbs up for the tech support and customer service reps. You have been excellent! – Regina
� Ivan Salamon
[ Deal Shop Online ]
I tried demo solution of InstanteStore and tried dozen of other websites too. I must say, the InstanteStore solution was the easiest way to build up a store. It had many features other didn't have. The graphics and interface is very nice and user friendly. As for tech and customer support - Perfect! They are there when you need them. Fast answer and great answer, not like others! If you are looking for a great service, affordable price, and user friendly and quick interface, you can't find a better place! – Ivan Salamon
� Jason Towns
[ ProKicks ]
I found InstanteStore on Google while comparing 5 other e-commerce solutions. InstanteStore was by far the most complete program, while still being easy to navigate. As for tech support and customer service, this is where InstanteStore flourishes. This company has better customer care and tech support than any other company I've worked with on the web. 5 star service. We had a glitch or two (which can always be expected) but Charles & the gang were always on top of things and continue to keep me a satisfied and happy customer. I would recommend this solution to web novices and Internet marketing gurus alike. The service offers enough features to satisfy any skill set. Bravo to InstanteStore!! – Jason Towns
� Krista Flaherty
[ Magazine Island]
I was looking for a complete solution that did not require any extra development and had extensive features. I tried three of the competitor’s stores, and found they had limited features and a much higher price tag. The best part is when I need to find out how to do something; the explanation is clear and accurate. When I needed something fixed, it was fixed very quickly. I plan on building many stores with InstanteStore. It's like having an expert web designer and application developer for less than $50 per month. It is so easy, all you do is maintain and market the store. – Krista Flaherty
� Jason
[ Daytona Beauty ]
EXTREMELY WONDERFUL...everyone is very helpful and enjoyable to talk's a pain in the butt because of the time difference between InstanteStore and USA (EST) but the quality of service makes up for that many times over. – Jason
� Chris Ufnal
[ Concept Tuning ]
I came across InstanteStore through a friend who is using their interface. He suggested it and after trying the free month I was hooked. It is a great e-commerce solution. Their support is excellent. It allows me to speak directly to a customer service rep and get the help I need. – Chris Ufnal
� Khalidah Tunkara
[ Diaper Express ]
I came across InstanteStore by doing a search on the best shopping carts online. InstanteStore is by far the best I have tried. The site is continually being updated with new features that an online business owner will need. It is a WONDERFUL tool for business owners who prefer to sell online without hassles. Customer service and tech support are THE BEST!! I'm always sending an email here and there asking a question and I ALWAYS receive a quick reply with a thorough answer. I can't ask for anything better than that! InstanteStore is the idea of a genius! The site has EVERYTHING you could ask for and then some! BRAVO!! – Khalidah Tunkara
� Angela Riley
[ A & K Hobby ]
InstanteStore made my life so much easier to set up my website. Using the InstanteStore solution, it took me about 6 hours to add my large product line, and to really customize one of the templates to a great degree in order for me to completely set up my website. I was able to do this without any additional costs. Now the template fits my website needs to a "T". The service and tech support was awesome. They were always right there when I needed the help. If someone is looking for an inexpensive, reliable, fast, and truly customizable e-commerce solution.... their search has ended here!!!! – Angela Riley
� Chetan Bhardwaj
[ Tekstation ]
You guys are the best. I checked a lot of other online solutions. But you take the whole cake when it comes to features and at a very economical price. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! By the way I also have a Yahoo! Store but InstanteStore is better. – Chetan Bhardwaj
� Regina Ivey
[ Ec Teas & Unusuals]
I think InstanteStore is a wonderful way to showcase any product. I also find the tech support and customer service simply OUTSTANDING! Always quick and very helpful. Thanks again to Sui Sim, Goh... You Rock! – Regina Ivey
� Dan Pate
[ The Independent Gardener ]
I found the InstanteStore solution to be exactly what I was looking for, simple with the options I needed to get started with my e-commerce site. Plus, the customer service is absolutely great. I can't believe there is actually tech support that responds quickly and is helpful. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to a good solution for e-commerce. I wish I had found InstanteStore before I spent senseless money. Trying to actually save money, I tried out some of the cheaper hosting companies and ended up with terrible tech support, customer service and lost time and money. Once again, I can't say enough good with InstanteStore. No one else can compete. Thank you! – Dan Pate
� Deborah Park
[ Frozen Fashions ]
I am so please with this store and how easy it is to modify things...I had my store previously thru Earthlink and I couldn't customize anything and it was kind of hard to use...I am so happy with this store and the admin is so easy to use and it looks so professional... I raved about the store to Charles in tech support and I have referred 3 people to use your site for their store instead of their current provided...I am so glad I found you guys and thanks for setting up such a great e-commerce site builder... – Deborah Park
� Jeff Avigliano
[ JJ Collectibles ]
I think InstanteStore is great and has everything a small or large business may need. It took me a few days to a week to see that InstanteStore had all I was looking for. Being across the world is hard but the customer service and tech support answer my questions within a day and always have an answer. So far there hasn't been anything I needed they couldn't help with – Jeff Avigliano


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